Drumlin PDF Security Software and Service


What is Drumlin PDF Security?

The Drumlin PDF Security system is comprised of several elements, as summarized below:

  • Drumlin Publisher, which converts existing PDF files into a very secure format using our proprietary 256-bit encryption technologies - this is provided free of charge
  • Drumlin Digital Rights Management (DRM) service - this provides the central document authorization facilities. It is based on a Microsoft Windows ASP/.NET platform and uses an SQLServer database
  • OurJavelinPDF readers for Windows, Mac OSX, Android and iPAD/iPhone, provide the perfect delivery mechanism for the secured PDFs, enabling users to authorize and read the secured files with minimal technical know-how. Javelin readers are very small and have no substantive system dependencies, so require minimal installation. For Apple's iPADs and iPhones, Android devices and Mac OSX operating systems they can be installed directly from the AppStore facilities on the end user's device.
  • Drumlin PDF reader/publisher: (superceded now by the new Drumlin Publisher software) - this is provided free of charge and can be downloaded from here

The great advantage of using PDF files secured with the Drumlin service is that they enable you to set the dates you want to allow the file to be read from and to, how often the recipient can view them and whether they can print them (and if so, how many times/pages may be printed). And you can be confident that documents cannot be copied or saved as PDFs. Furthermore, using the option to create locked files, they can only be read by people you provide authorization to, and cannot be copied to another machine or individual. We currently have customers using Drumlin to secure 1000s of documents distributed to users throughout the World. Of course, there is a huge range of applications for this technology, including:

  • Academic (STM), education and training books, materials, journals and reports
  • Commercial and self-published books
  • Market research reports
  • Corporate publications: Price lists, Presentations, Technical documentation sets, Marketing materials, Press releases, Product catalogs
  • User and technical manuals
  • Financial documents: Confidential documents, client portfolio information, annual reports etc
  • Magazines, journals and newsletters
  • Pre-release materials

Javelin Readers

TheJavelin PDF Readersare single, immediately run-able program files for Windows, Mac, Android and iPAD/iPhone platforms. You can test out sample secured PDF files here.