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Downloads - Quick links and Version details

For direct downloads and some Operating System variants please use the links below. If you have any problems or questions please see fuller details further down this page.

Drumlin PDF Secure Conversion and Administration Software

Operating SystemDownload LinksRelease version Notes
MS Windows
Windows 7, 8,10DrumlinPublisher1.058For 256-bit encrypted file generation (plus creation of codes, licenses and tracking)
Windows 7, 8,10AdminApp0.061Optional (largely replaced by DrumlinPublisher): For creation of codes, licenses and tracking
Windows 7, 8,10Drumlin6.008Optional (largely replaced by DrumlinPublisher): For 256-bit encrypted file generation
Install free from links provided above

Javelin PDF readers

Operating SystemDownload LinksRelease version Notes
MS Windows - Current Release
Windows 7,8,10Javelin3Pro PDF reader3.0.0.44Corporate/Professional edition (please let us know immediately if you have any problems with installation, registration or running)
Windows 7,8,10Javelin3 PDF reader3.0.0.44Standard edition (please let us know immediately if you have any problems with installation or running)
Apple OSXRelease version
OSX 10.7-10.12.3 AppStore versionInstall free from Mac AppStore1.01.00 Select the AppStore facility on your Mac and search for JavelinM. On Sierra/10.12 text search is not available, so if you need this please use the dmg file below
OSX 10.7-10.12.3 Downloadable DMG versionJavelinm PDF reader 1.01.05 DMG file, If necessary hold CTRL key down when opening - note: with OSX 10.12.4 Apple introduced a change which MAY result in highlighting being lost for some users
OSX 10.12.4 and later Downloadable DMG versionJavelin3 PDF reader3.0.0DMG file, If necessary hold CTRL key down when opening - note: new version for OSX 10.12.4+ ONLY
OSX 10.6Javelin PDF reader1.00.047 DMG file, Hold CTRL key down when opening
AndroidRelease version
4.0 or laterInstall free from Google Play AppStore1.01.05Select the AppStore facility on your Android device and search for Javelin Reader
4.0 or later/Kindle FireJavelin PDF reader1.00.54 Download page for APK file
Apple iOSRelease version
6.0 or laterInstall free from iPAD/iPhone AppStore2.00.00 Select the AppStore facility on your iOS device and search for Javelin Reader

Downloads - more details

To download the new, free Drumlin Publisher software (illustrated below) please use the link above. Note that a current version of Microsoft Windows or a Windows emulator (e.g. forMac or Linuxcomputers) is a pre-requisite for the Drumlin software (required in order to create secured PDFs, but not required for reading them - use Javelin for the end user reader in most instances).

Our freeJavelin PDF reader software, which reads the secured PDF files created using Drumlin Publisher, is available for Windows, Mac OSX, iPADs, iPhones and Android devices.

All our software products have been checked to ensure they are virus free. Norton Antivirus users - if your antivirus software will not accept a download from us or deletes it/places it in quarantine, we are certain that this is a false positive. Please report this to Symantec as an error. To resolve this please either turn off the offending behaviour in Norton's software (Insight and/or SONAR) or recover the quarantined file from within Norton Antivirus, or use another antivirus product like AVG!


AdminApp Download

The Drumlin AdminApp (Administration program) is used to create authorization codes, license files, track activity and more - the majority of these functions are now included within DrumlinPublisher. Several Corporate/Pro functions (e.g. manual registration of users) remain only available in AdminApp. To download the AdminApp please use the AdminApp setup file via this link:: Drumlin Admin App Install kit). After downloading the setup file file, run it and if possible accept the default directories it offers you. Then run the AdminApp.exe program - you may wish to create a desktop shortcut for this program.

Details on how to use AdminApp are provided via the PDF documentation page. Note that to use AdminApp you must first be a registered user of Drumlin, which will involve providing a username and password at the time of registration. This will result in a user record for you being made on our DRM server, including these details plus a unique userID for you. When you create a new secure PDF using Drumlin, your unique userID is associated with these documents. The AdminApp enables you to see the list of these documents, to create codes for them, and to track details of code usage and other activity relating to your documents. To use AdminApp you must be enbled by us first, which will include enabling your userID for a specific number of codes (e.g. 1200, 3000) over a specific period (start date/end date).