Drumlin and Javelin documentation in PDF format

DrumlinPublisher documentation as PDF

Publisher's Guide to Offline Catalogs documentation as PDF

Javelin3 and Javelin3Pro for MS Windows User Guide

Javelin3 for Mac OSX User Guide

Javelin for iPAD/iPhone User Guide

Javelin for Android User Guide

AdminApp utility User Guide

DRMEdit utility User Guide

Service Comparison Guide

Drumlin documentation as PDF (old version of software)

PDF and ePUB Documentation

PDF Primer - all about PDFs at Wikipedia

ePUB Primer - all about ePUB at Wikipedia

PDF v1.6 reference document - from Adobe

Market documentation

IPA Global Publishing Statistics 2013

Global eBook Report 2014 (160pp)

White Paper on PDF Security options from Adobe, ourselves and other providers