Contacting us

Please use the contact email addresses below for answers to any questions you may have

General enquiries,sales enquiries, requests for authorization codes, technical enquiries please email us at: (this link sends to our secure Protonmail email account). If you have any problem sending to this email address please try our Drumlin Security email address :

Software support: Submit a support ticket (registration required)

Drumlin Security Ltd, Registered in England 07697559, Registered office: 7-8 Great James St, London WC1N 3DF, UK

UK Office address: Drumlin Security Ltd, Exchange Place 2, Edinburgh EH3 8BL, UK, +44 (0131) 224 0070

Feedback: We rely heavily on our users for feedback on technical problems with installation, operation of the software, functionality and possible security flaws. It is a vital contribution to our efforts to produce the best possible solutions without charge. If you have any issues to raise with us please contact us using the email link(s) above

For more about Drumlin please see theAboutpage