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Javelin secure PDF reader app for Android devices

Javelin for Android

Android app on Google Play

Javelin for Android is available as a Free App on the Google Play App Store.

Javelin for Android provides PDF and secure PDF reading facilities on a range of Android devices, notably tablet devices. PDF documents (books, training materials, technical manuals, legal documents etc.) can be read directly, or may be converted into secure PDFs using our free Drumlin PDF reader/publisher in a format specifically developed for use with the mobile devices such as the Android family of tablet devices and iPADs and iPhones, as well as being available for PC and Mac computers (.DRMZ). The files can be made available via a web download or any distribution mechanism available for Android devices that places the files within local folders (e.g. copying a downloaded file from a PC to the storage facilities on an attached Android device).

Security facilities match those provided for other platforms, i.e. controls over printing (currently always disabled), viewing, copying, date expiry etc. In addition Javelin for Android is able to store and download pre-built catalogs (e.g. book catalogs, training courseware catalogs) with cover images and embedded links to the files that can be downloaded (these can now include other catalogs, which may then contain their own set of documents). Bespoke projects are priced by individual quotation, particularly where a client-specific app and branding is required. Secured PDF files are only readable following authorization, which is achieved by entering a valid authorization code when the file is first opened. In addition to the standard facilities for security and PDF reading, the app includes advanced features such as markup (highighting, strikeout, underlining plus graphic markup), plus bookmarks and text annotation (notes).

Publishers: Pleasecontact usif you require technical support, advice and/or a quotation for delivery of your publications to the full range of platforms we support: PCs, Macs, iPADs, iPhones and Android devices.

Javelin for Android PDF reader - Features summary

Reader facilities: vertical or horizontal scrolling display, pure page scroll mode (i.e. magazine or flip-book style) plus a range of other display modes; internal and external hyperlink support; multi-level navigation tree support (via "contents" facility); pre-loaded PDFs and/or Catalogs of documents; downloadable catalogs with optional catalogs within catalogs; downloadable PDFs and secure PDFs (drmz files); dropbox compatible; bookmarking, highlighting markup, drawing markup and annotation
Catalog facilities: Multiple documents with cover shots, description, page length, download URL, author, publisher, date, price of printed version etc. Nested catalogs are now supported for Android devices and for iPADs and iPhones also
File handling facilities: File downloading via (a) Catalog URL; (b) explicit URL in file download facility; (c) File sharing via USB; (d) file sharing and automatic opening of PDFs and secure PDFs via other apps, including Dropbox. File types accepted: PDF, DRMZ (Javelin reader specific secured PDF), XML (catalogs)
Folders: Multiple file folder facility
Requirements: Android 6 or later preferred (v4.3 and later should work OK), plus WiFi or G3 connectivity for file downloading and authorization

The following screenshot shows a typical PDF displayed within the Android reader

Javelin for Android

The following screenshot shows a Catalog within the Android reader. To download any of the ebooks shown the user simply touches the cover and the file is automatically downloaded. When completed the red blobs (file not yet downloaded) change to yellow, and the cover can be touched to open and authorize the document for reading. A valid authorization code must be entered at this point and this is checked on our DRM server before the document can be opened. If accepted the file is opened for reading. Printing is not permitted.

Javelin for Android